About Yvonne

About_YvonneSm“An interior should be the reflection of the people who
live there.”
Oscar de la Renta

Adding VALUE to your project is my ultimate goal!

If you are:

Selling your home, I can  help maximize the attractiveness of your  home to the prospective buyer.

Staying in your home, I can help make the design of your home match the passion you feel about what it represents to you.

Downsizing and transitioning, I can prioritise and organize what is most important to you in life, and to then help you move into your new residence.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Textiles and Marketing from the University of California at Davis , and received a Citation for Outstanding Performance within my major. I am professionally trained in the concept of staging and redesign.

I love to walk into a house and imagine the possibilities. People collect so many beautiful things and I know instinctively how they would work better together.

I can transform any home through my unique skills and professional training, and bring to life your vision and style!  I’m hardworking, trust worthy, and easy to work with:).