One-Day Redesign





Transforming your home and décor can be realized in just one day!

The re-design process begins by gathering information with a walk- through evaluation. Once the function of your living space is determined, we will take into consideration your personal style, needs and wish list. We will also discuss what you like or dislike about each room.

The goal of the redesign process:

  • To validate your unique taste and lifestyle
  • To create a warm, comfortable and inviting interior
  • To use correct furniture placement to encourage conversation
  • To ensure cohesiveness through use of color and “theme” items
  • To emphasize the focal point in each room
  • The effective use of art, collections, and accessories
  • The efficient use of lighting

A One-Day Redesign = A Happy Homeowner!

Our Process

  • Determining the focal points and architectural highlights
  • Clearing the rooms
  • Placing the furniture
  • Regrouping and sorting all accessories, lights and art
  • Adding it back with a designer’s touch
  • Recommending repainting colors (if necessary)
  • Finally we introduce you to your new design!


Our fees:

Initial Consultation – $150
Redesign $195 per hour – includes two design professionals. Additional handyman billed at $35 per hour.