garbarino 072I don’t have much experience with decorators, but I knew I wanted someone who could come in very inexpensively and basically help us use what we already had as we hated the idea of getting rid of perfectly acceptable pieces and to buy “more stuff”. We stumbled across Yvonne Lowry who is a miracle worker and so easy to work with. She basically works with what you have and then essentially suggests a few accents things (pillows, throws etc) from inexpensive places like West Elm, that can make a huge difference. She has great ideas and is so good with her hours. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s completely down to earth; has 3 kids, and as honest as they come.


You should call Yvonne Lowry. She’s an interior designer and is very creative about making the most by re-arranging, re-organizing and adding new pieces.

SMMC mom, Mill Valley

Yvonne did a great job in helping us with a very quick turnaround to get our house ready for a broker’s tour. Our house had a few challenging elements but she was able to very quickly implement some great ideas that balanced both design and function well and breathed new life into these spaces. The once small dining room
became the centerpiece of the house and the kitchen went from cluttered to open and airy.

Karen W., Tiburon

Yvonne and her team were miracle workers in coming in and transforming pieces we already had in new configurations.  I like to think I am pretty “green” and I love the fact that they focus on using what you have and not spending a bunch of $ on new things. Yvonne also has amazing taste and very gifted.  Plus so nice!

We are really happy with how things turned out! The pictures are fabulous, the mirror gallery is very cool, and somehow the playroom grew to twice its size! it was magic!

Presidio Heights, SF

A happy client – after one day makeover

Wow! We are so happy with Yvonne’s work! We experienced a 2 day home makeover and are blown away with the amazing changes and improvements. Our house looks like a designer house now. I knew I had some nice things and great art but just didn’t know how to put it all together. Thank you so much Yvonne!

Amanda and Charles, Mill Valley

We contacted Yvonne when we were selling our house as she was highly recommended by a personal friend. We needed partial staging but were completely overwhelmed at the thought of getting the house ready for sale. Thank goodness we called Yvonne. In 2 days she had the entire house staged and ready to go for the brokers’ open house. She also helped us with some beautiful floral arrangements and also brought in resources to help us with painting and yard work. After she staged the house we didn’t want to move!

Lisa, Tiburon

Yvonne and her team “came to our rescue” when our parents were downsizing their home and moving to a senior citizen facility.  They had lived in their house for over 50 years and had accumulated quite a lot.  They were kind and thoughtful when working with our parents, at the same time very efficient and fast when it came to the sorting, editing, appraisals etc.  They knew exactly which pieces to keep for the staging process and then moved them into their new residence with ease.  Thank you Yvonne, you took all the stress out of this overwhelming process.

Anonymous, San Francisco